Vital Self: The Subtle Body

An 8- Week Class

At the intersection of our physical body and subconscious, emotions, mind, and unconscious lies the Subtle or Energy Body holding it all together and being animated by our Spirit or Soul.

The Vital Self: The Subtle Body is an 8-Week class that explores our physiology and neuroscience in relation to the ancient wisdom of yoga and qigong, the chakras and the three treasures, and nāḍīs and meridians. We will stay grounded in our purpose of opening to greater health and increasing our vitality while we explore the mysterious ways in which our energy influences our health in multiple and profound ways.

We will take a deep dive into how energy relates to our body’s glands, fascia, and organs, through guided exercises, meditations, and reflections so participants have the experience of the subtle body. Our body is a living temple, a microcosmos, in which energies interlace and play out. We will have a fun and creative time as we bring all this into harmony.

Mondays 5 - 7 pm PT, April 26 - June 14, 2021

  • Class One: Our Ground of Being
  • Class Two: The Artistry of the Pelvis
  • Class Three: Our Sacred Center of Gravity
  • Class Four: Moving With Confidence
  • Class Five: Our Center of Wisdom
  • Class Six: Speaking Our Truth
  • Class Seven: Seeing Clearly
  • Class Eight: Suspended From Above

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome & Important Instructions for This Class

    • Important Information About This Class

  • 2

    Class Resources

    • Innerphasing Booklet

    • Innerphasing for Vibrant Health and Well-Being by John-Roger, DSS

    • Living Spiritual Principles of Health by John-Roger, DSS with Paul Kaye, DSS

    • Yoga Nidra with Caroline Gamble

    • Interview & Breathing Practice with Paul Kaye and Caroline Gamble, February 27, 2021

    • Breath & Posture: A Way of Restoration, Renewal and Vitality from April 17, 2021

  • 3

    Class 1: Our Ground of Being

    • Our Ground of Being

  • 4

    Class 2: The Artistry of the Pelvis

    • The Artistry of the Pelvis

  • 5

    Class 3: Our Sacred Center of Gravity

    • Our Sacred Center of Gravity

    • 96 Year Old Woman Dancing Machine

    • Chinese Uncle Shuffle Dance

  • 6

    Class 4: Moving With Confidence

    • Moving With Confidence

  • 7

    Class 5: Our Center of Wisdom

    • Our Center of Wisdom

  • 8

    Class 6: Speaking Our Truth

    • Speaking Our Truth

  • 9

    Class 7: Seeing Clearly

    • Seeing Clearly

  • 10

    Class 8: Suspended From Above

    • Suspended From Above

    • Sharing with Paul Kaye