The Romantic Warrior

Being as Happy as a Lover

The most remarkable thing is when you see people for what they are, you absolutely fall head over heels in love with all of them. 

You just can’t stand the beauty that is God in everybody. It is astounding.

 We get to know about it because we’ll get joy, or we’ll get that happy feeling or we’ll get that something that comes up, and we go, That if I could just keep that forever.”

John-Roger, DSS

An 8-Week Class 

 Most of us think of romance in the context of falling in love in an intimate relationship, or the idealized form of something. Another definition of romance is what this class is about - the mystery and excitement of being in love with life.

In our previous class, Mystic Christ: Embodying Living Love, we heard the modern mystic, Peace Pilgrim, say with great enthusiasm when the interviewer commented that she appeared to be a most happy woman: I certainly am a happy person. Who could know God and not be joyous?


But who, if he be called upon to face

Some awful moment to which Heaven has joined

Great issues, good or bad for human kind,

Is happy as a Lover;

William Wordsworth from the poem, Character of the Happy Warrior

To love life with generosity, openness and vulnerability takes courage. Our character is forged in adversity. We were born for this strange time and if we can allow the idea that instead of living our lives that, actually, life lives us, through us, as a dynamic loving wave of energy, then we can open our hearts in joy and surf that wave with grace and aplomb.

Relationships with other human beings are imperfect, and we come to each other to share and learn on the way to perfection. Where is perfection? It is not in relationship to each other, but in relationship to that which is perfect. That already exists, and your job is to find the way. How? 

Practice, and you'll find the perfection of Spirit within you.

John-Roger, DSS

All classes are recorded
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Recordings can be accessed at any time to fit your schedule.

Come and join a community of awake and aware people and let’s fall in love with life, together! 

Course curriculum

    1. Information About This Class

    1. J-R tapes used in class

    2. Both Sides Now - Song by Joni Mitchel

    3. The Impossible Dream - Song from Man of La Mancha

    4. Character of the Happy Warrior BY WILLIAM WORDSWORTH

    5. I Hold You - Lyrics

    6. Speak to us of Beauty By Kahlil Gibran

    7. Song of the Open Road by Walt Whitman

    1. A Generous Spirit

    1. An Inward Light

    1. Intuition

    1. Beauty

About this course

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  • 16 lessons
  • 16.5 hours of video content

Come and join a community of awake and aware people and let’s fall in love with life, together!