A Divine Communion

The Christ Self is a fresh look at embodying Christ in our lives. Many of us know that the Christ is not separate from us but is us, but how does that insight have practical application in our daily lives? This class attempts to answer that question and brings Christ fully alive within us, as us, as we walk in this physical world.

This Christ journey is an expansive and joyful one, filled with humor and continual upliftment. Be prepared to laugh at yourself, not in a mocking way but with a heart filled with unconditional love, understanding and regard.

In addition to giving an overview of the apostles, we will also be exploring the women that were in Jesus’ life and were an integral and essential part of his ministry. And we’ll be looking at the significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the controversy surrounding the Gnostic Gospels. What makes the Christ story so compelling is that it is both mystical and so very human. We will be putting, as John-Roger would say, “flesh and blood” on the situation.

Course curriculum

    1. Important Information About This Class

    1. Innerphasing Booklet

    2. Chist Innerphasing

    3. Forgiveness The Key To The Kingdom

    4. J-R Challenge

    5. St Patrick’s Prayer

    6. JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (Gethsemane - Ted Neeley 1973)


    8. LYRICS FOR VINCENT: by Don McLean

    9. "More Like Love" ~ Ben Rector lyrics

    10. The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic

    1. Where Did the Disciples Go?

    1. Who Were the Gnostics?

    1. The Testament of Mary, Jesus’ Mother

    1. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

About this course

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  • 19 lessons
  • 17 hours of video content

Discover how the Christ within can lift you, nurture you, and raise your consciousness