Silence, Space and Stillness

Portals to Transcendence

When you practice bringing your presence into the silence,
you will experience a knowing and a wisdom
that will start flowing within you.
It will usually bring you to a state of peace, calm, and clarity.
Then, if something comes to mind that needs to be done,
instead of rushing into it,
you will know that it can be accomplished in a relaxed way
without breaking your connection with the inner silence.

John-Roger, DSS

Silence, space and stillness are qualities emanating from our heart. They are always present and are not affected by outer conditions. They are subtle qualities and can be easily ignored or overridden in our fast-paced, distracted world. As we bring our vibration into harmony with these qualities a world of serenity, healing, and transcendence awaits us.

The purpose of this class is to lead you to that gateway/doorway/portal so that you can choose whether to step through into an enlivened state of awakening and being. This does involve trust, and the meditative approach of this class will take you into some deep inner places (under spiritual protection and grace) where you will attune to trust as a palpable experience.

When we attune to silence, space and stillness, we become attentive. Life opens up and we discover moments inside moments inside moments. Silence, space, and stillness, do not depend on perfect external conditions. The paradox of these three qualities is that we can practice them in the midst of all kinds of conditions, even traumatic ones. They can descend like grace. We can be still, silent, and spacious even in an argument and in the thick of exacting demands. 

This is not necessarily easy, but it is definitely possible and it becomes easier with practice. It's finding an inner alignment in a rapidly changing world. It is a state of being grounded in the Spirit, anchored to the Beloved, from which we touch the earth with the moment-by-moment experience of loving. It's where we live in a personal sacred sphere and create exactly the environment we want - peace, love, joy, and harmony.

In this sacred sphere, we don't try to eliminate anything. It is the belief that a thing needs to be eliminated that maintains its existence. Instead, we are an open space for whatever arises. We allow any intensity of what surfaces to arise without our running away. If it is in us, it is going to come up. We just relax and give it the space it needs to release and burn through us. Our heart becomes freer and we feel an enthusiasm that emanates from the presence of God within us.

As with all our Monday evening "Self Series" classes, this class will provide participants with practical, workable, and effective tools and techniques that can be used to alleviate challenging situations, help elevate ordinary day-to-day life, and lead us to joy.


All classes are recorded and  can be viewed at your own pace for at about  a year after you register.

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