A Workshop-Experience

We've taken the best of this iconic workshop delivered over two years to bring you the most immersive, heart-warming, fun, and transformational self-paced experience yet!

  • Tools and techniques exploring sacred tones

  • Masterful and mind-blowing Q&A with J-R and John Morton to deepen your understanding

  • Never-before-published content filled with fun, laughter, and joy

  • Live-sessions with John Morton every month (as part of the PTS Undergraduate Class Gathering with John Morton)

  • Guided meditations, additional resources and much more!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Introduction by One of Our Facilitators: John Morton

    3. Meet Your Facilitators: John-Roger and John Morton

    4. A Very Important Note About This Class

    5. Keeping a Journal

    1. Welcome to Inner Worlds of Meditation

    2. Warming up for The Spiritual Promise

    3. The Spiritual Promise with John-Roger

    4. The Opportunity in this Class

    1. Introduction to Meditation and Spiritual Exercises with John Morton

    2. The Light, the Traveler, and Receptivity in Spiritual Exercises

    3. Knowing What Is Yours, Spacing Out, and Going Until You Get There

    4. Clearing the Dreamstate, the Traveler Gets You There

    1. Inner Realms of Consciousness Meditation with John-Roger

    2. SE's Before Bed, Staying Present, Transport Mechanism

    3. Shifting Awareness and Attention During SE's

    4. Opening to Your Awareness

    5. Let Go, Relax, Keep Your Eyes on God

    6. The Purple Spiral and the Purple Light of the Traveler

    7. Experiencing More of the Sound Current

    8. The Second Wrong Way to Do SE's, Cleaning Up, Talking to the Basic Self

    1. Introduction to Light Body with Pauli Sanderson

    1. Breathing Meditation with John Morton

    2. Falling on the Floor During SE's

    3. Breathing Through the Top of the Head

    4. The Eye of God and the Gaze of God

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  • 91 lessons
  • 12 hours of video content

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