Course curriculum

    1. Dates for Monthly Live Check-In via Zoom

    1. A Message from Paul Kaye

    2. Awareness Here & Now

    3. Meditation Session

    4. On Every Breath, The Heart Goes for a Ride

    5. Contraction or Expansion?

    6. Micro-Movements to Greater Health

    7. Awareness & Energy Flow

    8. Meditation Session

    9. A Seminar by John-Roger, DSS

    10. Inner Worlds of Consciousness

    11. On Your Harmonic Journey, Answer This:

    12. Tips & Quotes

    1. Meditation Session

    2. Practicing the Presence of God, a Meditation by John-Roger

    3. The Brilliance of the Physical Body

    4. Simplifying Your Life

    5. Perfecting the Art of Breathing

    6. Becoming Aware of Our Energetic Levels

    7. A Powerful Q&A with John-Roger

    8. Basics Exercises to Improve Better Breathing

    9. Who Are You? And, Why Are You Here?

    10. Breaking the Ties that Bind by John-Roger, DSS

    11. In Your Harmonic Journey, Answer to This:

    12. Tips & Quotes

    1. Meditation Session

    2. Spiritual Exercises & Meditation

    3. Movements & Exercises for Bringing Forth Greater Health

    4. What Makes You Feel Alive?

    5. Sleep and Rest: Improving How You Take Care of Yourself

    6. Voice & Body

    7. Finding the Diet that Works for Your

    8. Taking a Wholehearted Look at the Habits in Your Life

    1. Introduction and Meditation Session

    2. Revisiting Fundamental Principles of Physical Health

    3. The Service Our Feet Provide

    4. Serving Each of the Levels of Our Consciousness

    5. Indecision: A Road to Hostility? by John-Roger, DSS

    6. Meditation Session

    7. The Diaphragm and Breathing

    8. Healthy Movements for the Body

    9. Journal Writing Exercise

    10. This One is Love

    11. Energy, Matter and The Power of Intention

    12. Limitless Possibilities

    13. Getting More Spirit Through Breathing by John-Roger, DSS

    1. Welcome and Meditation Session

    2. Body Imagery & How to Move More Fluidly in the World

    3. Being Held in God's Arms Exercise

    4. Listening to the Wisdom of Our Beingness

    5. Letting Go of Stress and Experiencing Greater Relaxation

    6. The Reality versus Our Belief Structure

    7. Entering into God Consciousness by John-Roger, DSS

    8. Spiritual Exercises and the Hearfelt Meditation

    9. Micro-Movements that Support Overall Health (Part 1)

    10. Micro-Movements that Support Overall Health (Part 2)

    11. Importance of Strengthening the Core

    12. Stating Who You Truly Are

    13. Unlocking the Energy Already Available to You

    14. Smiling and Floating Through Life

    15. Creating the Life You Want - The Cell Level Memory

    16. Prosperity - How Big Are You Thinking? by John-Roger, DSS

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